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Meet The Board


The JHS Drama Club is, for the most part, a student-run organization that relies heavily on strong leadership from students who are willing to make the club better. Without that leadership, the club will not be able to run as efficiently as possible.


Cole Hanson

The president is in charge of making sure that everyone involved in JHS Theatre has the best experience possible, and ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Vice President

Dan Hubbard

The vice president directs the set constructions and handles all of the technical roles of theatre. They usually play a large part in designing the sets for each show.


Ellie Johnson

The secretary is in charge of taking notes during board meetings and setting the agenda for the club meetings. They are also in charge of arranging Dark Night and acting as administrator of the Drama Club website.


Carissa Ray

The treasurer is the head of fundraising for the club. They are in charge of arranging events that help raise money, and generally work very closely with the PR officer to advertise such events.

Public Relations

Abi O'Dell

The public relations officer is the head of advertising for the club. They are in charge of getting promotional posters up around the school and local area, reaching out to potential patrons and audience members, and keeping the Drama Club Facebook page updated.


Braiden Williams

The historian keeps track of how many thespian points each and every member of Drama Club earns, and helps determine who is eligible for induction into the International Thespian Society.

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